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compact discs for sale

Penny & Pals:
On and On CD

For the first time, Penny and Pals deliver a fresh take on old, favorite sing-alongs. As usual, you'll hear a mix of catchy musical styles on songs like Head and Shoulders, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Down by the Bay, I Wish I Were, Five Little Monkeys and Boom Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy. But don't worry; we've included a few original tunes, as well, that are sure to be classics of the future - On and On, I Feel Good and The Corny Song. CD includes 15 total tracks.

111-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

Penny & Pals:
A Very Good Me CD

This release from Penny & Pals features 11 more original songs to make kids wiggle (Rock Hop, Heart Pump, Buckle Up), giggle (The Cats, Vacation) and sing (A Very Good Me, The Day I Met, Light a Path). Ever present is the wit and variety of musical styles that Penny & Pals fans have come to expect. Ages 2 - 102.

110-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes

Penny & Pals:
Sing-A-Sound ABC CD

Parents' Choice Approved - The first of a two-CD set that features songs about silly characters, alphabet sounds and messages of self-esteem. Includes the very popular Allie Alligator, Bernie Bear, and Copy Cat Rap, as well as 11 other titles: Duke, Evie Elephant, Flyin' Frisbees, Baby Talk, Hot Hound, Picky Nicky, Jackie Juggles, Katy Kangaroo, Leapin' Lizards, Party Song and Naughty Nelie. Ages 1-8.

101-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes

Penny & Pals:
Sing-A-Sound XYZ CD

More musical fun featuring a variety of spunky styles, playful characters and basic educational concepts. Kid favorites include Pig Parade, Rockin' Robot, Uncle Underwood's Unbelievably Ugly Underwear and That Vacuum's Comin'. Other titles are Oliver Owl, Queen of the Quackers, Sneaky Snake, Soft Tick-Tock, Wild Will, X-Ray, Yibberish and Zoey Bumblebee. Ages 2-8.

102-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes

Penny & Pals:
Imagination Vacation CD

Parents' Choice Winner - Ten songs to take you anywhere you can imagine: go to the beach with the Yellow Flamingo, have fun In The City, rap with a critter chorus in Barnyard Bash, watch out for the The Camping Thing and get rockin' on a Detour! Other titles: Are We There, Transportation, Doncha Hate It, and Imagination. Ages 4-10.

104-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes


Penny & Pals:
When We're Together CD

Parents' Council Winner - Songs about families, animals, and friends, even imaginary ones like Vanessa! Includes several songs for creative movement, like Kangaroo Hop, BeeBop, I Could Be a Tree and At the Zoo. Other titles: When We're Together, I Like You Just Fine, Low-Down Lizards, Because You're Smart, Hannah and Always. Ages 2-10

105-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes


Penny & Pals:
Good and Fun

Parents' Guide Winner - This entertaining release features more original music that will make you wiggle, giggle, and sing! The songs are full of good ideas, good humor and good messages while offering plenty of opportunities for participation. Titles: Choose Your Mood, Good and Fun, Doowahdidoo, Beagle Brothers, Mosquito Swat, Jazz Cat, Never, I Love You That Much and Kindness Grows. Ages 2-102.

106-KK-CD . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

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Also available on iTunes


DVDs/videos for sale

Penny & Pals:

You asked for it - so here it is! Now available on DVD are 15 songs - all songs from the award-winning Penny & Pals Sing-A-Sound videos plus two bonus songs, Rock Hop and Buckle Up. This is definitely a "best buy" if you're in search of spunky, original songs for learning in a positively fun way! The DVD also includes a bloopers reel as a special feature. Ages 1 - 8, and then some.

109-KK-V . . . . . $15.00 . . . . .

books for sale



Kids Kritters Book

A pattern book of puzzles for each of the Sing-A-Sound characters and the alphabet letter s/he represents. Reproducible for classroom use. Soft cover, perfect-bound, 80 pages.

130-KK-KRTR . . . . . $5.00 . . . . .


Kids Kookbook

Favorite recipes donated by each of the Sing-A-Sound characters. Try Bernie's Bubbles, Duke's Delicious Dog Chow and Picky Nicky's Sticky Buns. Recipes are kid-tested and kid-cookable. Comb-bound, 112 pages.

132-KK-KKBK . . . . . $8.00 . . . . .


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